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"Marla has been teaching our sons piano for many years.  Her style, knowledge & kindness is the perfect environment for our children to grow and love music.
-Doug & Marnie
"You are my favorite piano teacher!"
- Molly 
"I switched to Marla as my teacher after my previous teacher had given up on me.  Marla was so patient with me and she gave me music that I wanted to learn.  We worked on improvisation and finally I learned to read notes.  After High School I was accepted to travel with the Continentals as their pianist!"
- Heather 

If you're looking for a piano teacher in Kelowna, I would highly recommend Marla.

My daughter and I have been taking piano lessons from Marla since we moved to Kelowna in 2016 and she has proven to be an excellent teacher and mentor for both of us (a 9-year old and an adult). 
Some of Marla's distinguishing features are:

• Marla knows how to connect with her students. She has found a way to connect to both of us – a child and an adult, and not only on the piano. She takes interest in our lives and aspirations, which has made for great teacher-student relationships. She is also a good communicator, both with a young person as well as me as an adult. 
• Marla has shown great sensitivity to our particular needs and goals. My daughter and I are at different stages of our lives and therefore have very different expectations. Marla has wonderful at understanding and supporting our needs and objectives as well as adjusting as we have grown and developed our skills over time. 
• She is flexible as well as creative in her teaching methods. Marla has shown great flexibility, especially for me, as I tend to change my plans at the last minute. With my daughter, she finds ways of keeping her engaged, which has been important as children can get easily distracted. 
• Marla is good at providing feedback. She knows how to give praise as well as help us improve and correct our errors. The emphasis is always on keeping us motivated and at the same time focused on how we can improve. 
• She encourages experimentation and exploration, particularly with my daughter, who is inspired by her ability to compose small snippets on the piano.
• Marla is sensitive to our feelings. She notices when we’re stressed or upset and helps us on both good and bad days or difficult periods.

I would encourage anyone – young or old – who aspires to learn the piano to work with Marla. We are ever so fond of her and pleased at how we have progressed with our music.


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